Nanowrimo Recovery

This April’s camp didn’t turn out so bad. I rushed the last three days, but finished with five words extra.

It was tempting to dive into editing the day after. Heck, my inner editor was chomping at the bit. But I held back a few days. Some distance is necessary for me before editing and rewriting.

Thankfully there were a slew of chores on my ‘Must Do Before Summer Hits’ List. I spent that time cleaning the basement and reorganizing closets. Crushing the little spiders under my shoes as they fled from their cobwebs. Might have enjoyed that a little too much.

I also bought ‘Write. Publish. Repeat.’ by Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant (and David Wright). I’m slowly and carefully going through it. I tend to blast through books, but I take extra care when reading craft books. I have other books about self-publishing and so far they all share the same statements.

“Get yourself an editor.”
“Get a good cover.”
“Have a promotion plan in place.”
“OH and get an editor. Have you found an editor yet? Why the the hell haven’t you?”

They all agree on those bits. How to acquire such things vary. Especially, the promo plan. It’s frustrating enough to give me a migraine. Blog tours work, but not for some authors. GoodReads works well for testing ads, but don’t expect a good return on investment. Bookbub is the bomb, but only for 150 page novels with four star ratings and that is if there’s room at the inn. And no, they don’t have a stable. ARGH!

The only piece of promo advice that made any sense to me was to put out another book, then another, and another. So I’ll take that tidbit and roll with it for now. Cause I got a lot of books in me that need to be written and very little time for marketing.

A couple of new things about self-publishing does give me pause. Whenever I’ve been able to catch up on indie news, it feels like what was standard practice has been negated by some temperamental algorithm and wiped a large number of books. So the potential of losing income because of knee-jerk reactions doesn’t sit well with me.

Not that I’ll let that deter me from writing. If anything, it makes me want to roll up my sleeves and work twice as hard. On that note, I see that my inner editor is sharpening her machete and grinning madly, I better let her out to hack away at my novel.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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