To Camp We Go

Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up.

This will be my second time. The last Camp was in July 2013 and it was awesome. I was extremely productive, extremely focused, and extremely burned out by the end of it all.  Idiot me decided to set my word count goal at 90000. I thought, ‘Sure why not. I’ve been working on this manuscript for a while… add 50k and it’s all good.’

I was wrong, wrong, wrong. My hands hurt, my head hurt, and I had to put myself on caffiene detox again. Despite what I put myself through, I still looked forward to joining November’s NaNoWriMo… this time with a more sustainable level of writing.

Then life happened. Hubby got a new job and we moved. So last November was spent mostly getting the kids settled into their new home and shoveling snow. It’s hard to believe in Oct I stood with other moms as we (secretly) admired a cherry red hot rod that purred like a puma. Then November comes around and I’m outside chucking snow as it piles around, eying the neighbor’s snow thrower with undisguised lust.

To say that I’m ready for Spring is an understatement. So until the weather decides whether it wants to be rainy or snowy, I’m concentrating on April’s Camp and with the kids comfortable at school now, maybe this month will be productive too.

Are you planning to join Camp NaNoWriMo this year? And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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