It’s Alive!

And so here is my first blog post: I’m a wife, stay at home mom of five, and aspiring writer.  Those are the basics.

Some specifics: Army brat, born and raised. My family was stationed in a lot of areas, from California to Georgia and as far as Germany (or better known then Katterbach, West Germany). Yeah, I’m that old and remember driving by the Berlin Wall, intact and covered in graffiti. Living in the land of The Brothers Grim, castles, fortresses, and pastoral villages greatly influenced my imagination and writing style. My family moved several times after that, but my fondest childhood memories belong to Aurach, a quiet little town among rolling green hills.

Another place that influences me to this day is the state where I was born and where I finished my childhood. California. I spent the last four years of high school in the Bay area. I loved San Francisco, with the high rises and eclectic mixture of cultures. I loved watching the ocean waves from the docks in Pacifica. Me ‘n my girls would explore Fisherman’s Wharf on Sunday afternoons and I definitely can pin point my addiction of Ghiradelli chocolate to those carefree teen days. No matter where I may move, I’m a California Girl at heart.

At this point, I’ve gone from the hot and dry desert of New Mexico to wet and green Ohio. Only that’s not quite right, is it? Thank you, Polar Vortex. While my time and energies have been limited for the past few months, I have been reading a lot of craft books and took a look at IndieRecon in Feb, which was quite an eye opener. I hope to get some proper writing in this year and possibly publish the year after.

We’ll see…


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